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Jaime Miquel
Pere Puig Parellada
José Ramón Ramón
Ana Navarro (posthumously title)

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- Those people of age, confirming their interest in the field of Free Radicals and Oxidative- and Nitrosative Stress and in the development of the Association objectives can be GEIRLI members. They should complete the Application Form and, along with the curriculum vitae, return it to the e-mail: The endorsement of a GEIRLI Full Member is required.

Application Form (pdf 67,66 KB)

- You have also the posibility to make a double membership, renewing the GEIRLI membership fee and simultaneously becoming a member of the SFRR-Europe society by a single fee of 40 euros. The payment of this combined fee should be done through the web page of the European society: In this case, you must first register as a member, and once you have entered the page with your login and password, you have the information on how to make the payment.  

The registration fees are:



GEIRLI and SFRR-Europe

- Pre-doctoral researchers



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- Senior researcher



2016 GEIRLI renewal membership

To renew the fee as a member of GEIRLI download the Renewal Form and follow the instructions.

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XIII Reunión GEIRLI, 20-22 julio, Sevilla 2022

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