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The Spanish Group of Free Radical Research was founded in 1991 and its members are Spanish scientists actively involved in free radical research. A free radical is a chemical species with an unpaired electron which provides great reactivity, thus shortening its half life. Oxygen- and nitrogen-derived free radicals are involved in signal transduction pathways as well as in numerous and important physiological and pathological conditions in plants and animals, such as aging and development, physical exercise, cardiovascular diseases, liver diseases, etc. Consequently, the members' activities are related to almost all areas of biological and biomedical research, with the general aim of health promotion and disease prevention.

"Grupo Español de Investigación en Radicales Libres" history

By Dr. Luis Alfonso del Río (November 3, 2016). GEIRLI history


Present Board of Directors

President: Jordi Muntané
Vicepresident: María Monsalve
Secretary: Teresa Carbonell
Treasurer: Dr. Víctor M. Víctor

Vocals (members of other scientific societies)
Juan Pedro Bolaños (
Sociedad Española de Bioquímica y Biología Molecular, SEBBM)
Consuelo Borrás (
Sociedad Española de Geriatría y Gerontología, SEGG)
Concha Cerdá Micó (
Sociedad Española de Química Clínica y Patología Molecular, SEQC)
Isabel Fabregat (
Sociedad Española de Biología Celular, SEBC)
Luisa María Sandalio (
Sociedad Española de Fisiología Vegetal, SEFV)
Toño Martínez (
Sociedad Española de Proteómica, SEProt)
Reinald Pamplona (
Sociedad Española de Ciencias Fisiológicas, SECF)
José Manuel Villalba (
International Q10 Association, ICQA)

List of Presidents and other relevant members

José Ramón Ramón: President (1991-1998)
Luis Alfonso del Río: Vice-president (1991-1998)
José Viña: Former President of SFRR (Europe)
Pere Puig Parellada: President (1999-2000)
María Teresa Mitjavila: Secretary (1999-2002),  Vicepresident (2010-2015)
Guillermo Sáez: President (2001-2002)
Ana Navarro: President (2002-2004)
Reinald Pamplona: Secertary (2002-2004)
Santiago Lamas: President (2004-2006)
Juan Sastre: Secretary (2004-2006 ), President (2010-2015)
Lisardo Boscá: President (2007-2010)

Jordi Muntané: Tresaurer (2010-2015)

Mª Begoña Ruiz-Larrea: Secretary (2007-2022)

Forthcoming Meetings

XIII Reunión GEIRLI, 20-22 julio, Sevilla 2022
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